Fall-Hamilton Elementary School Tackles Adverse Childhood Events

Video and Interviews originally appeared in Edutopia, An Inside Look at Trauma-Informed Practices Adverse childhood experiences is a national issue. With gentrification on the rise, students are especially susceptible to this adverse experience– and the students at Fall-Hamilton Elementary are no exception. To combat A.C.E.s, the administration sought to transition the school to a whole-school approach that read more

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University of Michigan Studies Confirm Leader in Me’s Effectiveness To Date

New University of Michigan studies offer strongest empirical evidence of Leader in Me’s effectiveness to date.        In January, the University of Michigan’s (UMICH) prestigious College of Education released two technical reports showing positive impacts to student disciplinary referrals and attendance in Leader in Me schools. One report focused their analysis on disciplinary read more

Leader in Me Reaps Results, Develops Future Talent

The following is a guest post by Lindsay Keisler, President and CEO of the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce  The Catawba County K-64 Learning Initiative The Catawba County Chamber of Commerce, along with a multitude of local government and education partners, recently launched the Catawba County K-64 Learning Initiative that aims to prepare students from read more

7 School Tradition Ideas

7 School Tradition Ideas: Leader in Me Coaching Panel   School traditions are special and unique to everyone. The goal of school traditions is to build a community among students and staff but rarely do the effects of these moments seize at the completion of the event. Many adults can still distinctly remember at least one read more

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Learn. Love. Lead.

Learn. Love. Lead. Learn. Love. Lead. Three simple words that mean so much. Students at ATLAS Elementary in Ventura, California, live by these three words and have BIG goals to achieve them! As a Leader in Me School, we strive to find the leader in every child, which includes celebrating leadership traits in all areas, read more

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Social-Emotional Learning with The Leader in Me

Social-Emotion Learning —More Than Academics If you talk with anyone who has spent time in a classroom, and you asked that person if core academic subjects were the only things students learned in school, the resounding answer would be “NO.” So much more is taught at school than correct grammar and times tables. Students are read more

Social-Emotional Learning: Have We Reached a Turning Point for Schools?

On December 4, 2015, the CORE school districts revealed the educational possibilities when schools are held accountable for a positive culture-climate and aspects of students’ social-emotional learning in addition to traditional academic performance measures. The CORE Districts are a collective of nine California school districts that received a waiver from the federal government in 2013 read more