Dr. Eve Patterson
Eve Patterson is the director of research for FranklinCovey Education and an instructor at the University of Utah. Eve has a PhD. in cognitive neuroscience and did most of her academic research on the environmental factors that play a role in cognitive performance. In her decade of research experience, Eve has worked with many diverse populations from Alzheimer’s disease patients, homeless families, fighter pilots, and educators. She is trained in a variety of research methods from brain imaging to behavioral assessment. Eve’s real research passion is in education as she is humbled and inspired by the daily work of teachers and wants to provide them with the best tools and knowledge. She believes that when a teacher is empowered with effective paradigms and practices she/he will be a force for good in the lives of her/his students.

Written by Dr. Eve Patterson:

Impact of Leader in Me on Student Behavior in Pre-School and Elementary

The impact of the Leader in Me on student behavior is a positive one according to multiple university studies from the last five (5) years. Below are snippets from research studies conducted by universities across the United States determining the impact of Leader in Me on student behavior.   Leader in Me Positively Impacts Student Behavior read more

University of Michigan Studies Confirm Leader in Me’s Effectiveness To Date

New University of Michigan studies offer strongest empirical evidence of Leader in Me’s effectiveness to date.        In January, the University of Michigan’s (UMICH) prestigious College of Education released two technical reports showing positive impacts to student disciplinary referrals and attendance in Leader in Me schools. One report focused their analysis on disciplinary read more

Research on Leader in Me Reveals Positive Impacts

New Research on the Impacts of Leader in Me Six independent studies, including three peer-reviewed journal articles, were recently posted to the Leader in Me’s research webpage, “What is the Impact?”. The studies were all conducted by university researchers and highlight positive impacts on academics and student behavior related to the Leader in Me. Links to the full read more

The Importance of Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional skills are widely believed to be more important to effective long-term learning than IQ. Preschool and early elementary is a critical time where targeted social-emotional learning interventions can have the greatest impact on long-term outcomes. The Leader in Me process is an effective social-emotional intervention in Pre-K–12 education. The process has initial research support, read more

Social-Emotional Learning: Have We Reached a Turning Point for Schools?

On December 4, 2015, the CORE school districts revealed the educational possibilities when schools are held accountable for a positive culture-climate and aspects of students’ social-emotional learning in addition to traditional academic performance measures. The CORE Districts are a collective of nine California school districts that received a waiver from the federal government in 2013 read more