Carla Wright

Written by Carla Wright:

Screen-Time Recommendations for Children: Research Based Tips

  Screen-time recommendations for kids can be a conundrum for parents. You want to support your child and show interest in the activities that give them pleasure, but there are negative perspectives about screen-time and video games and the negative effects they can have circling through the news—like gaming addiction. To start off, Gaming addiction read more

Fall-Hamilton Elementary School Tackles Adverse Childhood Events

Video and Interviews originally appeared in Edutopia, An Inside Look at Trauma-Informed Practices Adverse childhood experiences is a national issue. With gentrification on the rise, students are especially susceptible to this adverse experience– and the students at Fall-Hamilton Elementary are no exception. To combat A.C.E.s, the administration sought to transition the school to a whole-school approach that read more

Arcadia Unified School District Talks Leader in Me

Arcadia Unified talks Leader in Me with Gary McGuey Arcadia Unified School District Presents Digital Education Station: Leader in Me This video was produced by Arcadia USD, Digital Education Station and used with their express permission. The “Digital Education Station” is a digital web series, or vlog, hosted by the Arcadia Unified School District to help communicate and read more

How to Choose a Service Learning Project in 5 Steps.

How to Choose a Service Learning Project in 5 Steps. This is a guest post written by Daphane Polanowski, a sixth-grade student at Sullivan Middle School. Service learning projects are a great way of teaching students a multitude of 21st- century skills, such as: social-emotional learning, team building, project management, leadership skills, and empathy. Just ask read more